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Real Estate is not just a business, it is a global market. Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland areas are fundamental hubs for investors, from Europe to China. Our Real Estate market is wealthy and competitive on a global scale. As a Real Estate agent interested in boosting your career, having a global reach is a game-changer. RE/MAX is a global brand. Thanks to a platform such as Global RE/MAX you can list your properties in more than 30 languages. You can promote yourself to new people every day, and people will recognize your brand immediately, associating you with the best REALTORS® in the world. Over the years our regional and international offices spend billions of dollars on marketing and promotion. If you ask Canadians which brand pops into their mind when they think about Real Estate firms, 71% will answer RE/MAX. In Greater Vancouver area and the Lower Mainland RE/MAX has 25% of the market share. Don’t consider joining us if you do not want to become a top producing REALTOR®. RE/MAX is the most expensive Real Estate company, but you get back every cent you invest by associating with one of our offices. And if you are a producing REALTOR® you know that investment is immaterial when you have all the best tools for supporting your buyers and sellers. Schedule an informal interview with one of our broker managers by visiting our website joinremax.com/remaxallpro or emailing us at info@remaxallpro.com
RE/MAX vs the Industry 2020
RE/MAX associates once again outperformed agents with other real estate brands in the 2020 REAL Trends 500 survey. For the tenth consecutive year, RE/MAX agents in the survey on average outsold competing agents at other participating brokerages.
Why should you join RE/MAX? RE/MAX Associates from around the world share their reasons for being with the #1 real estate network. Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX.
The Right Agent Every Step of the Way
This 30-second commercial, part of the RE/MAX "The Right Agent Every Step of the Way" campaign. It's the tireless work they do behind the scenes on behalf of buyers and sellers that makes them unique. From searching to closing, RE/MAX agents help every step of the way...
Cure a Child
Our Mission is to provide support to families in the Antelope Valley struggling with the effects of childhood illness and to contribute to pediatric hospitals and charities that Make a Difference in the community. Learn more at cureachild.com
Why agents choose RE/MAX
First-person testimonials about why agents love/joined RE/MAX.
Remax All-Pro Training
Discover the rewards of doing more for yourself and your clients. As a real estate agent, you guide buyers and sellers to the outcomes they seek. The more happy clients you have, the better you become. RE/MAX agents average more sales than other agents. That helps them have a deeper impact. And brighter careers. If closing more sales is one of your goals, you'd fit in well. After all, nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.
Leading a RE/MAX Life
RE/MAX Top 100 agents share insights into why being part of the RE/MAX family is important to their business success.
RE/MAX Disappearing Agent
A RE/MAX agent encounters a competing agent dodging a client while at the supermarket. Visit www.remax.com to find a professional RE/MAX agent.
RE/MAX New Guy
A new-hire at an independent agency struggles with incoming listing calls, to the amusement of a colleague. Visit www.joinremax.com today!
RE/MAX: Our Purpose
What does RE/MAX do? It's a complicated question, but it ultimately comes down to guiding buyers and sellers toward their greatest accomplishments. It's happening every day, all over the world.