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You can feel more secure with an independent escrow company. Unlike banks, title companies and brokerages, an independent firm must comply with stricter operational and CPA auditing, bonding requirements, financial liquidity requirements and trust fund insurance guidelines.

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EscrowOne, Inc.
A Department of Corporations
Escrow Company


Antelope Valley | 661-945-6991
Lancaster, CA 93534
License No. 963-2613

Escrow Process

The documentation the escrow holder may be collecting includes:

• Loan documents

• Tax statements

• Fire and other insurance policies

• Title insurance policies

• Terms of sale and any seller-assisted financing

• Requests for payment for various services to be paid out of escrow funds

Upon completion of all instructions of the escrow, closing can take place. All outstanding payments and fees are collected and paid at this time (covering expenses such as title insurance, inspections, real estate commissions). Title to the property is then transferred to the buyer and appropriate title insurance is issued as outlined in the escrow instructions. At the close of escrow, payment of funds shall be made in an acceptable form to the escrow. As your real estate agent, I’ll inform you of the acceptable form.

The Escrow holder will:

• Prepare escrow instructions

• Request title search

• Comply with lender’s requirements as specified in the escrow agreement

• Receive funds from the buyer

• Prorate interest, tax, insurance, and other payments according to the instructions

• Record deeds and other documents as instructed

• Request title insurance policy

• Close escrow when all instructions of seller and buyer have been met

• Disburse funds and finalize instructions

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